“From jobs, healthcare, retirement, to educational opportunities, I am on a personal crusade to help our veterans.  I will keep working on these issues until I hear from Georgia veterans that they are receiving first class care in a timely manner.”

– David Scott

Even before the scandals at the Atlanta VA Congressman Scott has been fighting to improve services at the VA. He supported H.R. 3230, the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act. because he believes that the bill was a major step to do just that. Legislation written and sponsored by Congress Scott in H.R. 3230, expands a VA facility in Cobb County.  It also includes improved student loan repayment incentives to recruit more specialty doctors including psychiatrists, to the VA. Second, this bill allows for veterans and eligible dependents to receive in-state tuition.

To improve quality care the bill allows a veteran who is enrolled in the VA healthcare system to receive care outside of the VA system if the veteran is unable to secure an appointment at a VA medical facility within 30 days or if the veteran resides more than 40 miles from the nearest VA medical facility.

To provide real accountability for incompetent or corrupt senior managers, the bill authorizes the VA to fire or demote Senior Executive Service employees for poor performance or misconduct. In July, H.R. 1988, the Protecting Affordable Mortgages for Veterans Act passed the House of Representatives. “The bill preserves critical VA refinancing protections for our veterans while at the same time allowing for these veteran loans to be securitized, which means rolled into securities into investments into market securities.