Georgia Congressman David Scott

Delivering Real Results


Real Results


Federal Dollars Secured for the District


Constituent Cases Resolved


Casework Savings for Constituents
Thank you for your continued support in re-electing me as your Congressman. I plan to keep fighting for real results for families in the 13th district. I’m grateful for the opportunity to earn your trust with each decision I make on behalf of Georgians. Electdavidscott photo
It’s been my honor to wake up every day and work to make life better for our community. I’m very proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish through hard work, seniority, relationships and, of course, your support. I am asking for your vote so I can continue to serve you. Electdavidscott photo
"I am disheartened that our grandchildren must face the same battles of two generations past. Now, we must do everything in our power to stand up for women’s healthcare and fight for their equal treatment under the law. We must enshrine abortion rights into law." Electdavidscott photo