“When there are no dreams to hold onto, everything turns to frustrations, to thoughts of what won’t work. We’ve got to put something out there and say “This will work!”

– David Scott

David knows the price of a good education and preparing our young people for the 21 st century is important to him. A college education was once thought of as a dream come true. But with the rising cost of going to school, our students are saddled with loan debt that has turned their hopes and dreams into nightmares.

Turning Dreams Into Reality

Providing students with academic scholarships and financial assistance David is helping to send thousands of young people to school.

H.R. 51 Becomes Law

H.R., a Bill signed into law this year was authored by David . With $80 million in scholarships funds allocated to nineteen 1890 HBCU Land Grant College and Universities students from all over his district will be able to turn their dreams into reality.

Congressman Scott also support legislation like the Bank on Student Emergency Loan Refinancing Act that allows students to refinance existing student loans at an affordable rate.