“The Affordable Care Act is not perfect, but we can’t go back.”

– David Scott

Whether it’s fighting for women’s issues, protecting social security and Medicare, or lowering prices for prescription drugs you will find David Scott fighting for you.

Saving Lives Couldn’t Wait

Long before the Affordable Care Act passed, David wanted to make sure healthcare was assessable for everyone living in his district, So, 15 years ago he held his first health fair. Today, that health fair has grown to over 200 healthcare providers from across Georgia who provide free health services to thousands of his constituents. Mammograms, HIV, dental, diabetes and sickle cell anemia tests are just a few, and just this year free eye glasses for children.

In Congress, David is working to close the Medicaid coverage gap and, protecting those with pre-existing conditions.

He is working to protect our doctors from frivolous lawsuits so they can focus on real medical malpractice reform and supporting legislation to expand the use of telemedicine. And he will continue his fight to protect to make healthcare affordable for ALL.